Coca Cola & 7Eleven Score Game

A virtual shopping assistant to engage with consumer in a fun way and drive them to the store.

Every 4 years the world stops to seat comfortably with family and friends, together in front of a tv. The call is no other than the Fifa World Cup and Coca-Cola is the biggest sponsor, like in so many other sport events. For the last encounter, Coca-Cola partnered with 7-Eleven to make it more fun for football fans and so we developed a “Predic&Score” game. An exclusive pack was designed for the occasion.

The game was available on the web as well as in 7-Eleven’s app. USA, Canada and Mexico jointly implemented this game with outstanding results.


Even though it wasn’t part of the competition, USA had the biggest amount of registrations, codes redeemed and predictions made. Besides the excellent results in terms of performance for each company, this game consolidated the joint business relationship between a brand and a retailer.