Sales automation, improve your customer service through FB Messenger, Web, sms, WhatsApp and other channels …

24 × 7 Channel – B2B2C – DTC
Integration with CRMs, eCommerce or other platforms
100% process automation or hybrid solution (Connect with People)
Inbound solution
Artificial intelligence
– Machine learning

Use cases:

1. Commerce (DTC, B2B)
2. Customer Service (NPS)
3. Promotional Mechanics
4. Conversations with clients, employees / sales force or 3rd party.

– 1st Party Data: Data acquisition and enrichment.

– Control Panel and Dashboard with real-time tracking

Other features:

a. Remarketing: Push campaigns

b. Referral to websites, eCommerce, social networks.

Sending content: videos, flyers, video streaming, keywords & push notifications, geolocation.

Performance management team: Roadmap development, continuous improvement and development of the communication plan (Call to action, digital touchpoints: Soc Media, Web & offline: Eg Point sale material.)

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