COVID19 shifted the world in “Beta” mode… .All companies began to implement different types of innovation pilot, with agile methodologies to learn and see what new business models and applied tech can be implemented at scale.

Our team supports companies in this area from co-created workshops to the recommendation and Pilots implementation. Our team first captures the business challenge and from there recommends steps to follow.

Our obsession is the customer, digitization and omnichannel, combining and empowering the physical world with the digital world and empowering our teams working integrated with our customers by co-creating solutions.

We represent startups from different parts of the world, connecting them with leading brands and retailers for their innovation agenda deploying pilots that demonstrate value & scale to the business.

We are members of GRA ( global content forum and innovation-startup ecosystem. We develop webinars, events and content that help our clients stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovation.

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