Fanta Transactional Chatbot

A development for web and app specially designed to score online.

Packs are critical touchpoints between brands and customers: they are carefully designed; a huge portion of companies’ budget is designated to make them look awesome. Nowadays, brands can also use them to connect with customers online, making a simple label the entry point for a new digital experience. That’s the blended reality we live in, where online and offline (or in store) has no boundaries.

Our proposal to Fanta Global team was to create an innovative engaging experience for teens on social media, using Facebook Messenger chatbot. Every customer could find the code to scan on the pack and enter a conversation with the brand, getting a special prize at the end of the experience. Once more, connecting the online environment to the store by a bar code to be redeem.


A new communication channel to build a long-lasting relationship with their consumers generating transaction and frequency from shoppers/consumers’ interaction with the bottle. The user flow was developed allowing Business Units/Markets to localize the experience with their own content following the same flow: introduction, trivia and reward.

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